Orla Fay

Órla Fay is the editor of Boyne Berries Magazine. In 2017 her work was long listed in The Anthony Cronin International Poetry Award, The Fish Poetry Prize, The Over the Edge New Writer of the Year Competition and short listed in The Rush Poetry Competiton, The Dermot Healy International Poetry Award and The Redline Book Festival Poetry Award. Recently her poems have appeared in Lagan Online, The Honest Ulsterman, The Rose Magazine and Cyphers Magazine. She is currently studying the MA in Digital Arts and Humanities at UCC. She blogs at http://orlafay.blogspot.ie





Seed and Spark

Failing to write a sunset poem

I gave up on Brooks, Teasdale and Lindsay,

falling to sleep in their colour,

mixing St. Louis’ muddy water with French shale,

flint and sandstone.

When I woke in the morning I found

smouldering embers alive in the stove

and re-igniting the night’s desire washed fresh,

so new, so clean I thought of Prometheus

and then my father, who had gone about

the dwindling light tending to the budding

apples and pears, wrapping them in fleeces

against the night’s frost,

tender pookas looming

beneath the Plough’s sown heavens

to frighten any moonlit passer-by.



© 2018 Orla Fay