Terry Doyle

Terry (Terence) Doyle has been writing poetry all his life. His poems have appeared in Print/Journal/Online sporadically since 2004. He is currently working on a first chapbook of 25 poems.


Sylvia Plath is Karen Carpenter

In response to Ian McMillan’s Poem ‘Ted Hughes is Elvis Presley’.

Long ago

in fact this very day

I cried the first Achoo


behind the stage,

under hand and foot,

a wedding ring,

a gold encased, soap caked filling.


You’ve got a ticket to ride

through the vast unknown,

my incisors indentured on your

Yorkshire cheek.

You, you, the vampire whom I wed

the shriek the ich, ich, ich.


Marching to timpani

our skins taut as Auschwitz

in transit our binary code

capillaries congeal under wrist.


‘She was a rake’, you said

‘Slim, slim as starlight under hammering

substanceless blue.’


© 2018 Terry Doyle