Kimberly Cunningham

Kimberly Cunningham spent 30 in the classroom but dreamed of days of spilling ink on blank pages. In February 2017, she returned to her first love of writing and never looked back. She writes stories about souls past, present and future. Currently she resides in NY state with her husband, daughter and two queen kitties. In her lineage she has a long line of Irish family. Listen with your soul, read with your heart. Peace.





Gray Rose 

As you looked at her you saw that her beauty had paled, yet viable fragments remained lingering there. Vibrant colors of her life had begun to fade as the layers dropped off one by one.  There were some deep thorns adorning her fragile body that were dangerously fierce as well as piercing. She could still make a blood drawing cut if called upon.

Gray Rose was slowly diminishing just as sure as tide waters recess during their daily cycles. Devoid of the perfection usually displayed by such magnificent wonders but fully stocked with simple stunning characteristics, Rose was gorgeous. She was feeble as she swayed but still strong in spirit.

Weathered numerous storms and she survived by standing alone. Withering leaves of lost loves and past memories slowly crumble to the ground then die. Gray Rose clings against her last wall but is too weak to try to climb it. Instead she lingers there waiting for strong winds to come take her away and plant her in a new garden.


© 2018 Kimberly Cunningham