Patricia Walsh

Patricia Walsh was born and raised in the parish of Mourneabbey, Co Cork, Ireland, and was educated in University College Cork. She was shortlisted for inclusion in the 2018 edition of the Quarryman. To date she has published one novel, titled The Quest for Lost Eire, in 2014, and has published one collection of poetry, titled Continuity Errors, with Lapwing Publications in 2010.  She has since been published in a variety of print and online journals.  These include: The Fractured Nuance; Revival Magazine; Ink Sweat and Tears; Drunk Monkeys; Hesterglock Press; Linnet’s Wing, Narrator International, The Galway Review; Poethead and The Evening Echo, a local Cork newspaper with a wide circulation.


Buying Silence

Purchasing peace, at a high stake

Redeeming sanity at a cost of infinity

Suffice toe not doing this to you

Breaking for the worthless a given mistake.


Sleeping in the raw a cause for excitement

Bathrobes in particular a worked delight

Time paid to type dissertations at will

Labour of love going to go real places.


Recent history a solid rock of sculpture

Mutual need a washed-over necessity

Resurrecting bygones not as easy as it sounds

Hitting on the past is an archaeologist’s idea.


Falling in love where misdirected, wasting time

One’s delusion is one’s glory, a perfect fit

For excavation in the sky, a populist massacre

Poisoning minds like it was in fashion.


Benefit of service, categorising wants

Wiping the floor clean with a surreptitious brush

Buying drinks on the sly, comfortably ahead

Wasting infinite time on popularity.


Returning to learning, anecdotes abounding

Creaking in love a rejection washing away

Abruptly cutting ties that choke in time

Too late, regretting what is done in sundry



© 2018 Patricia Walsh