George Perreault

George Perreault’s maternal roots are in Ireland; his father’s family is from Quebec.  His most recent book, Bodark County, is a collection of poems in the voices of people living on the Llano Estacado, the great plains of West Texas.





That Girl from High School

When in dark of night we lay beside and kissed

and smiled until our faces ached, each breath so

filled with shared amazement and semi-innocent

happiness, no evening or morning, no voices to

intrude, no work or politics, no better way to be,

when your lips were busy and my hands a comb

it seemed our eyes alone always enough to raise

sacred songs high into the shawl of the stars.


And if on waking I should see you today among

others on a crowded street, there it’s your neck,

there that shy appraisal, always your yes again,

what does it matter when this dream, last night or

long ago, together still when night slides down,

the distant owls conspire as we kiss into dawn.


© 2018 George Perreault