J.L. McCavana

J.L. McCavana lives in County Antrim.  He has been published in Tales From the Forest, The Honest Ulsterman and will appear in the first issue of The Bangor Literary Journal.  He loves his new Magagascar Dragon Tree.






St. James’s Park, 6 A.M.


on The Blue Bridge


the lake water

tattooed with light

it’s black skin

wrinkled as if

tickled into laughlines

like the ones that curl

from your lover’s



the grey red-nebbed geese stretched

and flapped their wings

as though shaking off

the gloom

and honked a hungover

morning tune


legs of Red-Crested

Pochard and early morning

runners cranked the day

into being


and the trees were shedding

the night


You tattooed my eyes


your black skin stretched

into a lover’s wings


© 2018 J.L. McCavana