Crossways #1, Spring 2018




Fred Johnston   Calculus

Fred Johnston   To My Mind

Ruth Elwood   Tick-tock pill pop

Terry Doyle   Sylvia Plath is Karen Carpenter

Ndue Ukaj   Noah’s Ark

Charlie Malone   Going to Church Like Larkin

Laura Potts   Windy Ridge

Laura Potts   The Nightwatchmen

Orla Fay   Seed and Spark

Jamie Stedmond   Heritage, as Cloudbanks Printing Shadows

Clark Zlotchew   Song of Sirens

Berni Dwan   Old Hand

Berni Dwan   Feeding Station

Robert Cooperman   Jack Johnson, Heavyweight Champion, Comes Back

J.L. McCavana   Vision

George Perreault   That Girl from High School

Ted Millar   The Last Unarmed American

Rachel Caruso-Bryant   The Gravity of Yeats

Patricia Walsh   Buying Silence

Alamgir Hashmi   Enlisted

Lana Bella   Monochrome

Kimberly Cunningham   Gray Rose

J.R. Solonche   After Reading Chekhov I Go for a Walk in Town

J.R. Solonche   Choir Concert


Short Fiction

Dermot O’Sullivan   Dave

Alison Armstrong   His Wife’s Furs

Denis Usynin   Would You Rudder?

Frank E Lee   Cul de Sac

Mike Fox   The Wand Maker

Joy Manne   White Cube

John O’Regan   Getting to the Point


Editor: David Jordan


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