Alison Hackett

Alison Hackett is the founder of publishing house, 21st Century Renaissance. She is author and curator of The Visual Time Traveller: 500 Years of History, Art and Science in 100 Unique Designs which was selected for the Global Irish Design Challenge exhibitions in Dublin Castle and the National Craft Gallery.   In 2017 she published Crabbing (her debut volume of poetry, a memoir of love and loss) which was widely reviewed.  Later that year she published Yours etc a compendium of over a hundred and fifty letters to the editor which had been printed in Irish and British newspapers. She collaborated with the visual artist, Sheila Naughton, producing eighteen pieces mingling Sheila’s painting and her handwriting for the Hinterland exhibition, hosted by the artists network, ArtNetDlr, in Dun Laoghaire in May 2019.  Her poem “Hinterlands” was written in response to the collaboration.


In an upholstered chair the editor sits,
warming his bottom. A double espresso
Costa Rican coffee – almost syrupy –
wafting up a curl of aroma, waking his brain.

His eyes slide over the pile of manuscripts
cluttering up his desk. Needy writers
with their pleading letters expressing hope,
hope that he will consider their novel,
their memoir, their poem, their tome.
God he hates their desperation
clutching at him, wanting his approval.

Opening the top one he reads:
“Francesca had lost her grip on reality after five days of insomnia, an infection
in her right eye, and a gripping sensation in her chest: could it be arrhythmia?”

Her journey. Oh hell. Another journey. Trash pile.

© 2019 Alison Hackett