Pearse Murray

Pearse Murray has a number of poems in a wide variety of on-line and print media such as Stony ThursdayBoyne Berries, Poetry Salzburg, Cities, Poetry Pacific and Poetica. He has placed and short-listed in a number of literary contests. Born in Dublin and a graduate of UCD, he currently lives in upstate New York.


The Latin Tutorial

Trinity College, Dublin, November, 1926

Cobblestones shudder his tires as he scutters
across Trinity’s Parliament Square.
Songs of unborn lament come out of falling leaves.
Ghosts of masons breathe from stone-grey mortar
and rain-stars dance, pearl-babbled, on cobbled blue.

He alights, parks his bicycle of infinity
and ascends to his tutor’s room, wet and late.
While in his state of motus animi
she asks ‘what now?’Doce,
he requests of her in concentrated stare.

She plays on his mind, moving through
all his states of language-void.
She fills him with words out of history,
art, science and she speaks of the
generative bodies of Lucretius.

She then plays her cello, stroking the swift
slide of time to a Boccherini fandango.
He wants to be embraced as a cello but
she embraces only the movements of his mind
with answers to words but not to his imagination.

He returns to a blue state of desire
and crosses the cobbled ground of Parliament Square.
Then through the arch he leaves the strewn struts
of lime leaves making their unheard
tempest of despair.

© 2019 Pearse Murray