Tom Bennett

Tom (23) studied English at Durham University for his undergraduate, before doing an MPhil in American Literature at the University of Cambridge. He is currently teaching English in Spain and will start a PhD on Women and Maximalism in American literature this October. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, writing and attempting (often with great difficulty) translations of American poetry into Spanish.

Dear Tacitus

Unearthed recently in the pantry
shouldering the shallots
your old Annals.

Its bilious pages bring word
of Boudicca’s labour,
poison self-prescribed.

But what of her leisure?
afternoons bird-searching

Upon an upholstered throne
scanning the limp boughs
for jittery thrush or

A council of cocksure robins
flamingoing in the bath
eying the feed.

Their sunset breastplates burnished
she smiles

© 2019 Tom Bennett