Olivia Vipond Smyth

Olivia Vipond Smyth is an 18 year old student from County Dublin. Never to be found without a book in her hands, she grew up surrounded by Irish literature; something that remains close to her heart. With a passion for both Dublin City and the Irish countryside, her work often deals with themes of nature and urbanity, along with the odd bit of romance and, of course, cúpla focal!

Old Friend

On absent friends
Like flowers blooming in Spring.
Guided by the seasons
of hearts and memories.

The arrival of good weather
banishes any uncertainty
as we become reacquainted.
Your voice
becomes a novel
I just can’t put down.

In time
those years we spent apart
will become irrelevant,
like our subtle flaws:
the mistakes of our pasts.

A refresher course
on the way you smile
(and make me smile!)

Your nósanna,
Your passions.

© 2019 Olivia Vipond Smyth