Bernard Pearson

Bernard Pearson lives in Oswestry, England. He is a published poet, biographer and prize winning short story writer. His work has appeared in many publications, including Aesthetica Magazine, The Edinburgh Review and FourXFour. In 2017 a selection of his poetry, In Free Fall, was published by Leaf by Leaf Press.

When the Clocks go Forward

Which spring will it be?
The one that grunts like
old uncles, or the one
that sparkles with grace
in a forget- me- not sky.

Which life will I lead?
The one that wakes
In the night.
Listening for the heart beat
Beside me, that tells
Me I still live,
Another life,
Unstartled by failure
And the soul’s fatigue,
Like an amber roundel,
At rest from a capricious tide.

© 2019 Bernard Pearson