Keith Moul

Keith Moul’s poems and photos are published widely. Finishing Line Press released a chap called The Future as a Picnic Lunch in 2015. Aldrich Press published Naked Among Possibilities in 2016; Finishing Line Press released Investment in Idolatry in 2017. Aldrich Press released Not on Any Map, a collection of earlier poems, also in 2017. This poem is from a new work about prairie life through U.S. history, including regional trials, character, and attachment to the land.


Wheat and an Ache to Plant

The ache to blanket yellow
the harsh breadth of prairie
stirs a plant kernel and pumps
blood through a farmer’s heart.

A rivulet fights its evanescence
to ally with and slake the thirst in
birds, to slake the thirst and delay
the sere caking about the eyes of
a farmer who needs no seething.

Mothers here birth a child in hope
that they soon depart abaft the ship
of graves families digs off the porch
each time sweat draining by the light.

The magpie challenges an opening;
steals into Lucifer’s burning maw
agape, ever aware of a farmer’s life,
ever alert to a farmer’s enduring eye.

A farmer would not be a slave in Hell,
but will yet plead “shade me mercifully
my God as your kernel of cooling spirit;
grant me standing in a dark sanctuary that
like the endosperm succors the low germ.

© 2019 Keith Moul