Susie Gharib

Dr. Susie Gharib is a graduate of the University of Strathclyde. Her poetry and fiction have appeared in The Curlew, Plum Tree Tavern, The Ink Pantry, A New Ulster, Down in the Dirt, the Pennsylvania Literary Journal, Mad Swirl, Leaves of Ink, the Avalon Literary Review, The Opiate, Miller’s Pond Poetry Magazine, WestWard Quarterly, Adelaide Literary Magazine, Grey Sparrow Journal, The Blotter, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Crossways, The Moon Magazine, the Mojave River Review, Dodging the Rain, River Poets Journal, and Coldnoon.


Up there in the North
grows ancestral gorse
that had once borne witness
to a furzy birth.

A flower, who was losing limbs
to a wanton wind,
dispatched a velvety crown
to a mother’s aching brow
while a woodpecker rhapsodically chopped
a natal chord.

Wet with Brigthwyna’s seeping tears,
a mole that was furrowing underneath
diligently dug up the softest bed
for a very feverish head.

A Druidic stone,
monitoring the moon,
uttered a groan to unleash a flood
of purling water from its heart,
slaking a mother’s throes of thirst.

The glowing torches of gorse flowers
were weaving with gold the warmest fires
as mother and infant slept outdoors
until the rise of a Celtic dawn.

© 2019 Susie Gharib