Enda Boyle

Enda Boyle was Born in County Derry in 1994. He was Educated at The University of Ulster and Queen’s University Belfast. Previous Work has appeared in Blowing Razzberries, Dodging The Rain and A New Ulster.


The Balding Man’s Lament

You first notice it in the mirror after a shower
as unwelcome as rattlesnake in a box of cereal.
A patch of scalp poking out from the top the head
or a hairline going the way of Gatsby’s green light.

The choice then presents itself as harsh and stark
as your recently uncovered brow and temples.
Do you style yourself after sixth century monks
or do you try to become a Bruce Willis lookalike?

In time you will notice your fellow balding men
Some of them have taken the path of the coward
They will hide their hair loss with a variety of tricks
Hairpieces, wigs, well placed hats, combovers, plugs

Brother slap heads, elder cue balls, new crome domes
inbrace your hereditary male pattern galbrous nature
let the fact that your skull presses against your skin
serve as a Memento mori to all of those you meet.

Your bare head is a testament to your lack of vanity.
Rejoice for you have started on the path to wisdom.
You now realise the futility of all embellishments.
Now that your dome is naked as the word of God.

© 2019 Enda Boyle