Kieran Beville

Kieran Beville is a former teacher of English and History. He is author of Write Now – A Guide to Becoming a Writer  (Limerick Writers’ Centre, 2019) and the novel, Bohemian Fire  (pen-name Austen K. Blake, Bohemian Books, 2017). He has had articles published in the Limerick Leader and Ireland’s Own as well as poetry in Cyphers. Kieran has managed youth-work and educational programmes for the disadvantaged and worked in Community Development. He lives in Limerick city, his native place and plays guitar and paints, using various mediums – oils, acrylics.

Seasons of the Soul

We sat beneath the apple tree, bud unfurling into leaf.
Dreams seeding in the fragrant air found fertile belief.
Thoughts germinated and took root.
And the blossom of bountiful boughs bore ripened fruit.

Shadows lengthened in the evening sun,
Reaching boundaries and beyond.
We sipped the fermented, intoxicating truth
Listening to the evensong.

The autumn of your auburn hair was frosting winter white.
The seasons of your soul laid bare in the fading light.
The contours of that lovely face lifted from your book
Mapped the history I traced in your every look.

You yawned and stretched – bare limbs uplifted to the peeping moon.
Pillowed on my chest you lay in rest,
I dared not speak and break the spell.
How blessed I was I cannot tell – an epitaph too soon.

© 2019 Kieran Beville