Lianne O’Hara

Lianne O’Hara is a poet and writer from Amsterdam. She lives in Dublin, Ireland, where she studies on the MA Creative Writing course at UCD. She holds a BA in English Literature from the University of Amsterdam, where her poetry has been published in Writer’s Block. While she continues to write poetry and short fiction, she is also currently working on a novel about experiences in prison.


I cut nebula with knives
carve the name of the father
into every forgotten stone.

the autumn afternoon spits
thirty degrees of torture

my mouth burrowing dirt.

I cut nebula with knives
dissect a thousand laments
into molecules of grief.

and the heartless preacher
echoes my father and refuses to die.

I cut nebula with knives
his debris will harbour
the stubborn winter inside.

© 2019 Lianne O’Hara