Sam Young

Sam Young is a postgraduate History student at the University of Sheffield, having previously worked and studied in Nottingham and Paris. He has been writting poetry and short fiction in his spare time for several years, inspired by urban landscapes and the relationship between cities and their inhabitants. Sam grew up in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire.


Neon windscreens
Rhythmic lightshows passing overhead
As the engine throbs we glide
Through halogen streets
Fleeing the caustic glow
The lurid orange of dusk’s canopy
Cramped behind infernal brake lights
Pursuing peripheral calm.

Bitter structures fall behind us
Languid hedgerows fill the beams
Clutching gently sighing trees
We slip free from pulsating highways
Join potholed lanes and frozen paths
Tranquil beyond the foglamp glare
Under the steady drone of engines.

The city lights are diodes in the mirror
Twinkling blackness opens its arms
As safe and warm
Faces lit by luminescent dials
We roll into deep country
And the soothing sheets of night.

© 2019 Sam Young