Mike Dillon

Mike Dillon, whose great grandfather was born in Roscommon, lives in Indianola, Washington, USA, a small town on Puget Sound northwest of Seattle. He is the author of four books of poetry and three books of haiku. Several of his haiku appeared in Haiku in English: The First Hundred Years, from W.W. Norton (2013), an anthology which included Ezra Pound and Seamus Heaney. His haiku have also appeared in Shamrock Haiku Journal, based in Ireland. In April 2018 he returned to Ireland after backpacking through the Republic in the warm June of 1975. He kept careful notes on his first trip and was able to find some of his old camping spots in the woods, besides streams and bays.


The forest path ends
at gull scritch, wave lap,
the enigmatic mix
of salt and fresh water
where the creek runs out.

A sun-bleached dory
rots in the sedge
where a clutch of angelic-headed
daffodils nods in the breeze.
The channel buoy tolls sweet baritone .

Across the corrugated strait
a white farmhouse stands
in the lea of windbreak poplars.
Their half-dozen cattle
drowse on a rained-greened hill.

The sedge ticks in the breeze.
A white cloud drifts south.
There was somewhere else to be.
Instead you’ve come here.
Instead: A word to keep.

© 2019 Mike Dillon