Declan Mills

Born in East Sussex in 1990 to Irish parents, Declan Mills has lived most of his life in the suburbs of Limerick City. Currently finishing a PhD in History in the University of Limerick, focusing on the development of mass media populist propaganda, he has been an avid and prolific writer across multiple genres and forms since his childhood, although the majority of his published works are journalistic. He runs a college radio station, composes music that nobody will ever listen to, and occasionally finds time to eat and sleep.

july: transition (from the poem, ‘five months’)

To say: “I am Lazarus, come from the dead,
Come back to tell you all, I shall tell you all”

i am not proud of this,
i just know it’s right

i am not what i was, nor what i should be
and there is no shame in letting go
or so i’m told

it’s the height of summer, and i have been to both the mountains and the sea
i have wandered bogland and breathed in salt air
and now i have returned, and i do not like what i have found

they say that the hardest part is letting go
they are wrong

the hardest part is waking up the morning after letting go

© 2019 Declan Mills