Milton Ehrlich

Milton P. Ehrlich Ph.D. is an 87 year old psychologist and a veteran of the Korean War. He has published many poems in periodicals such as the London Grip, Arc Poetry Magazine, Descant Literary Magazine, Wisconsin Review, Taj Mahal Literary journal, Antigonish Review, Ottowa Arts Review, Red Wheelbarrow, Huffington Post, Christian Science Monitor, and the New York Times. 


Walking on Water in My Naked Body

Since there’s blood
on the ground
and weeping all around,

I’ll stroll along
on top of the Seven Seas
in the deranged joy of the wind
until all the wars calm down.

I never learned to swim,
but always feel at home
in the world of cockleshells
and periwinkles.

I recline on the pillows of jellyfish
while being kissed to sleep
by clusters of lady starfish.

Since no church bells ring,
God must have fallen asleep.
The casualties of war always suffer
Saint Teresa’s sweet intensity of pain.

I ignite my life
by making the sign of the cross
even though I’m a Jew.

© 2019 Milton Ehrlich