Richard Average

Richard Average is a 71 year old ex-merchant seaman living in Palm Bay, Florida. He has two books published under the imprint of Olde Seadog Books through Illume Artists and Writers of Gilbertsville NY: The Devil’s Widow and Other Stories and a satiric piece titled Mobydyptera, a mix of Melville’s Moby Dick and O’Brien’s Third Policeman. He has also self-published a short work of selected poems titled The Sunken Boat II.

little parks, little bridges

I don’t know why
the cracked stone
of some ancient bridge
should signify
should whisper
as we pass
or a fenced-in tract
with benches round
grey gravel paths
our heart’s impact
by silent trees
and quiet grass

yet sweet and sinister
as an assignation
we have chosen
these ministers
as meeting places
over the quiet
rushing water I
have leaned
in secret riot
many times
or trod the gravel paths
in steady paces

are we then well-met?
for crossings
and for rest
the air is bittersweet
for bloody battles and
and for hangings
there are our names
where hearts quickened
or failed
those days and nights
we lovers chose to meet

© 2019 Richard Average