Anna Sheehan

Anna Pamela Sheehan is a 22-year-old poetry fanatic from a small country village in Waterford called Clashmore. She graduated from UCC with a BA in English Literature and an MA in Creative Writing. Anna has had two poems published in UCC’s annual literary journal, Quarryman, as well as in three newspapers, The Dungarvan Leader, The Observer and East Cork News. She owes her love of writing (and reading!) to her mother, who always kept their house stacked with books, and her Grandad, Tony, who told the best stories.



On my way to the removal, in some desperate bid to prepare myself,
I tried to picture what he was going to look like now.
The fact that in the weeks before,
His hair seemed to have dripped and dropped
Away from his head like copper-coloured leaves on autumn trees,
That his eyebrows fell and flew
Like a brown silk scarf caught in a tugging wind;
That didn’t bother me much.
Nor did the ever-changing tone of his skin, the way his illness seemed
To roll over him until his fair complexion was clouded.
The way his face grew a greenish-hue,
Like the soft, wet insides of an unripe avocado.
It was his armchair.
It was the wood that wouldn’t stop growing, the fact that it swamped him
More and more every time I visited. I was frightened
That it would take over the entire house and smother
Everyone inside. It was how small the big man had become.

© 2019 Anna Sheehan