Bronwyn Cuddy

Originally from Castletown, Co.Laois, Bronwyn returned from Canada in 2016 to resume her job as an English teacher in St. Mary’s College, Naas, Co.Kildare and to focus on her writing. Currently living in the township of Ballycleary, Bronwyn resides with her husband Declan and their four young daughters. She is currently working on a children’s book and aims to publish her first collection of poetry in the near future.



You drove the seed of doubt home,
left it there pulsating –
long enough for meaning to ripen.
The words you planted photosynthesized
towards the breach of insult,
the terrible foliage unfurling toward a hope
of redemption which never came.
Nothing there to halt the clawing haustoria,
to stop the veined skeins spread
o’er the jagged edges of experience.
Not even the fruits of Calypso’s cave
could tempt Odysseus towards love,
And so within and without, Ogygia now contaminated –
This host of thwarted thorn-words will blossom.

© 2019 Bronwyn Cuddy