Florence Jacquemin-Veber

Florence lives in France, near Paris, and writes in French and in English, mostly poems, but also short stories. She enjoys the music of those two languages and writing has been blooming in her busy life, with a job and a family. She has come to Ireland several times, in Dublin, Galway, Waterford, Achill Island. In France, she won the 1st prize at Poetry Award Journée des écritures de Cluny in 2018 and one of her poems will be published in the Flammes Vives 2019 Anthology.

Missed River

I miss the river
And its desert shores,
Where I can linger,
Take care of my sores.

A pale sun above my head.
Morning bird’s sweet noise.
Not knowing which way to tread,
I let my mood flow with poise.

Deep breath, solar feeling:
The day is mine so far, so slow,
I enjoy life around: birds bickering
In the soft wind, and the fishes’ frenzy dance below…

Worries and grief dissolve.
Slowly, I feel I can evolve
To a serene mood,
Nested in this solitude.

Best is to taste the river
With the tip of the toe, lightly.
It can cool any fever
And turn gloom into glee.

Here I now sit in a quiet place on soft sands,
Half-hidden from the shore yet with a view to embrace,
To let my thoughts wander towards
The long gone loved ones… I retrace…

Mind talking with the dead,
Drowned in an elemental scenery,
To soothe, to live, to mend,
To off-load the burden and the misery.

I miss the river always
As my father’s there.
In the everlasting current
Of our beloved river.
My sweet spiritual torrent.

© 2019 Florence Jacquemin-Veber