Crossways #6, April 2019




Frank Golden     Absolutes

Tom McLaughlin     Holiday Home

Patrick Deeley     Perfumes

Sharon Philips     Domestic

Florence Jacquemin-Veber     Missed River

Bronwyn Cuddy     ‘Soiled’

Anna Sheehan     Mutations

George Messo     Horses in a Field

Paul Robert Mullen     love-craft

Blaise Gilburd     Conversation With a Drunk Man

Deirdre Gallagher     Child’s Celestial Chime

Craig Dobson     June

Yuan Changming     Snowing Against Season

Richard Average     little parks, little bridges

Milton Ehrlich     Walking on Water in My Naked Body

Frank O’Connor     Vitruviana, redux

Declan Mills     july: transition

Andrew Shields     A Few Quick Lines

Mike Dillon     There

DS Maolalai     The preacher preaching sin

Edward Lee     Ignorance

Simon Perchik    This thin sheet has no strength left…

Sam Young     Drive

Nicholas Campbell     Dear World


Short Fiction

Gildea Young     Railway Men

Mairead Willis     Speaking of Stars

Paul Murgatroyd     The Letter

Christie Kandiwa     The Virtue of Kindred Souls

Finlay Worrallo     How I Took the Vicar’s Virginity



Anne Daly     On Catch Me While You Have the Light, by Richard W. Halperin


Editor: David Jordan


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