Sarah Richter

Sarah Richter is an English major college student minoring in history at Southern New Hampshire University, as well as a publishing administrative assistant. She is also working on her certification to become a yoga teacher. Her passions include reading, writing, hooping, and painting, and she hopes to one day teach as an English professor.

Letter to Sappho

Dear Sappho,

did you know you would live on as a radiant superstar?

The doubts of the world spun intricately into the minds
that surrounded you could not tie you to their whims.

Poems of consequence and hidden female divine live on.

Your work lifts the eyes of your followers centuries beyond you,
as pertinent as the reign of your male contemporaries.

I know the hardships you must have faced. I worship you
for the strength you held among weaker beasts.

You are the shining example of the ages. You stand among
the brightest, stronger because of your impediments.

Bless your tenacity, your brilliance. It shimmers
in the eyes of your lovers across the years.


A Fellow Poet, Female, Revived

© 2019 Sarah Richter