Alexander Edgar

Alexander Edgar is a poet and writer from Co. Cork, Ireland. Inspired by folklore from all cultures, Alexander tries to twist new slants on things we all know. He has been published in Stanza’s Chapbook: The Sea, Dodging the Rain, and his poem ‘Memory Hair’ was part of the audio magazine Solstice Sounds, issue IV. He has been a guest poet at local poetry gatherings such as Spotlight, Sling Slang and performed in The Crossover, a performance art project. He is also involved with O’bhéal and the Winter Warmer Festival.

The Moth Effect

Pleasant are the times
when you try to fish for moths,
with a light bulb dangling off a fishing rod,
with its power being run striate from your heart,
as it waves and dangles on a cliff edge, away from the storm.

And only one comes from the dark,
it wings flap madly,
Like a candle flame,
battling to stay alive,
after the puff of lips.

Admiring its, delicate, flawed, architecture,
but also your power pride and self perspective.

Shall you crack between the point of your finger
and the plaster wall…

you’ll never hear the consequences.
As the moth effect is silent.

© 2019 Alexander Edgar