Daniel McBrearty

Daniel McBrearty, or Danny to his friends, is currently a student at NUI Galway. He is a twenty-year-old writer of both prose and poetry. He enjoys snooker, writing and talking out of turn. When he is not writing, he can be found on his farm in Donegal. He hopes you enjoy his work as much as he enjoyed creating it.

The Gloaming Game

Late April lingered by the lambs,
Offering a warning.
The lambs went on,
Their games in twilight.

Even the sky was naïve.
Falling forward, pink orange haze on blue.
Scarlet flush along the boy’s pale face,
Searching for his breath on the hillside.

He kicked it skyward, turned for home.
The lights already on in the house.
He did not realise it had grown so late.
The ball returns, uncaught, untold.

Even his world was naïve.
Falling forward, fearing nothing, knowing less.

© 2019 Daniel McBrearty