Shane Anderson

Hailing from south Co. Galway,  Shane Anderson currently lives in Bangkok, where he juggles working on novels and poetry with teaching English at an international school and raising a young family. An experienced proofreader & copy editor, he is working towards his first poetry collection while making satisfactory progress on his second novel.


My Best Shot

We’d stopped at the stone seat
overhung by the ancient yew,
when a frog flopped across the gravel pathway
and plunged into the opposite verge.

Armed with my new digital camera,
I knelt to photograph it,
easing aside the matted undergrowth
of moss and ferns,
dead leaves and bark chippings,
till I uncovered the frog.

Though well past midday,
its body was damp with dew.
I could see its flanks tremble
as it heart beat wildly.

Image captured, I turned to catch
my mother sitting alone on the yew bench.
This was her last photograph,
two months before her heart stopped.
Looking at it now, I see sadness in her eyes.

© 2019 Shane Anderson