Richard Average

Richard Average is a 71 year old ex-merchant seaman. He has self-published one book of 10 short stories (The Devil’s Widow and Other Stories) and a satiric piece titled Mobydyptera,  a mix of Melville’s Moby Dick and O’Brien’s Third Policeman.


Panthera Panthera

the day overthrown
your will ordains
an iridescent nocturne
lush with scent
to the dawn.

The dark is darkest where
you watch:
It’s now that all your gleaming points

intimate, you know
the dark, to throw
so still a flame
the Night dies down
and flickers
before your nakedness.

In pure arrest the forest
Seeing all your gleaming points

golden your blackness, light-infused,
and Secrecy all yours
there, where black is blackest
in the night
white fang is hid.

The torrents concealed
in emerald eyes:
In stillness all your gleaming points

the trees are not deaf,
they know
your whisper, continuous
over all
the green
your guttural purr resounds.

The spell is cast
in a sensuous repetition:
On this all your gleaming points

enamored, all the leafing branches
bear that heaving breath,
rapt with death, that knows no other way.
The green-clothed bark of Night,
must always shield you.
In your nakedness
will always shield you:
For all your gleaming points will always insist.

© 2019 Richard Average