Richard W. Halperin

Richard W. Halperin is an Irish-U.S. dual national living in Paris. His fourth collection for Salmon is Catch Me While You Have the Light. His seventh collection for Lapwing is Three Poem Sequences.  Both published in 2018.





The Tower

Wherever one writes –
In one’s flat, on the bus –
The words bring the tower down.
The sea crashes in
And swirls around one’s feet,
Bits of Greek in the debris.

What do you think of this?


Here They Are

They are all the same, these little books,
Silas Marner, Tolstoy A Confession, Phaedo.
Available for not much cash, in paperback,
A painting of sorts reproduced on the cover, coffee stains on a
favourite page.
They are all the same, Happy Days, Three Guineas.
One is struck by the generosity (why should Beckett have written
The amplitude, the economy.
One does well in such company. ‘Enter,’ they say.
‘Who wrote me was an interruption. I am the benediction.’
One thinks of Bruno Walter’s remark ‘My books are my friends.’
Then one ceases to think. One reads.

© 2019 Richard W. Halperin