Crossways #5, February 2019




Richard W. Halperin     The Tower

Richard W. Halperin     Here They Are

Brandon Collins     Embers, Soot

Richard Average     Panthera Panthera

Toti O’Brien     Exile

Ceinwen E. Cariad Haydon     Love and Loss, Scotland, 1921

Patricia Walshe     Catastrophe Medicine

Aidan Casey     Revenant

Marian Kilcoyne     Paragon of Virtue

Joan McNerney     Almost…

Joan McNerney     This Morning

Edythe Haendel Schwartz     Wordriver

Tijana Zderic     To Boys Who Still Pull on My Braids

Dan Cardoza     Dun Stallions at Giant’s Causeway

Shane Anderson     My Best Shot

Michael G. Casey     Crossing Themes

Anne Irwin     Ode to an Orange

Simon Perchick     Loose inside this rock…

Alamgir Hashmi     What Do You Know?

Anthony Watts     Climbing Corydalis

Daniel McBrearty     The Gloaming Game

Jack Shipsey     When I Arrived in Nara

Alexander Edgar     The Moth Effect

Kevin Casey     Common Milkweed

Sarah Richter     Letter to Sappho


Short Fiction

Clark Zlotchew     Voyage to Fulfillment

Kieran Duddy     “Bricks, Cement and Bottles of Stout”

Mark Mulholland     The Gathering

Fiona Murphy McCormack     The Magpie



Anne Daly     On Syllables of Rain, by D.S. Lliteras


Editor: David Jordan


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