Liley-Beth Griffin

Liley-Beth Griffin graduated from NUI Galway in 2017 having studied Journalism, English literature and Irish. Liley-Beth has always had a love of storytelling and took to writing all sorts of diaries, novels and poetry from a young age. In her primary school years Liley-Beth won The Cecil Day Lewis Award for literature and this, along with inspiring teachers and an innate love of reading, encouraged her to keep putting pen to paper. Liley-Beth went on to write for Student Independent News and Hot Press magazine. She now works as a marketing writer and writes creatively in her spare time. Liley-Beth hails from Athy in county Kildare.




A Dublin breath

Shiny trains and green grass blades
Peeking up through charcoal
Lanes of sleepers
The dead planks of blistered wood
Popped and split from harsher gales
And rainy use.

Walls of brick with veins of stone
Dark and grainy
Comforting and alone
Ancient city breathing
Footpaths pumping
Footsteps thumping
Raucous roars pleasant
Words and stories like spices
And dice tossed
At the market back and
Books and bits and rocket and tomatoes
Glasses of condensation and ice
in gin glasses
Tinkle and clink and move
And rush the noise of the wind
In and out of these streets
Hair blowing
Traffic echoes with the breeze
A mere moment;
Ancient city breathes.

© 2018 Liley-Beth Griffin