Sage Schilling

Sage Schilling intends to reside in Boulder, CO should she return to her home country. For now, she is traveling through Spain, Ireland and elsewhere in Europe for 90-day increments to commune with nature and work on her second poetry chapbook. Schilling teaches composition online at Oklahoma State University. She received her Ph.D. in Religion in 2014 and has an M.A. in Poetry (2006). She regularly contributes to (under the name Lache S.).




Hungry Ghosts

Tonight I overdose on the affections of one tea barista,
alluring in Chinese linen, noticing my five books of Spanish
poetry from the bookstore next door, asking if I’m a yogi.
I contemplate lying, but then take my Lakshmi’s delight
then step out into the edge of the autumn pale, letting
mosquitos feast upon my next; they need to eat the same
as we, but they do it with far less self-judgment. I stop
into a store for magenta scarf. I need the protection
but perhaps more the pressure that will risk my breath
like with the firm hands of my T.A. one night in his bed,
the first time I was choked and rather liked it. Hungry
ghosts, come out at night, etching out cavities we will
not learn to fill in this lifetime. I know this and so walk
home to commune of purchases, emails, sleeping alone.

© 2018 Sage Schilling