Roisin Browne

Roisín Browne lives in Rush, Co Dublin and has been published in several publications including A New Ulster, The Galway Review, Flare, The Stony Thursday Book, The Gladstone Readings and Echoes from the Castle Anthology. She was shortlisted for her poetry in the Over the Edge New Writer of the Year in 2017 and was also awarded third prize in the Jonathan Swift Awards in the same year. She recently was commended in the Gregory O’Donoghue awards in 2018. Roisín is a member of Poets Abroad, an online collaborative poetry gathering which is truly international in composition.





An Architrave of Tile and Tree
For Seán and Michael

A forty year word exchange
bartered short, slim, long ones
unfurled obscure, broad ones,
sipping Smithwick shandies

A weekly search to gift a word
wonder at the offering, groundsmen
measure playing fields, angle
blades to context

His mark red faded, tips the top
bladed disc, scores the pane
quick wrist tap, cracks the line
slivered side, apart and whole

A pencil points, to mark the grain
bladed disc, sinks beneath,
a final force, tree unseen
split embers, straw carpet make

fired mud and working wood,
a-sundered cannot make good
but adhesed cuts, nipped flush,
an architrave with dressing stain,

brought to Skylon pew
draughting, meaning made,
excavators anew, tooled
to a single trade.

© 2018 Roisin Browne