Tim Dwyer

Tim Dwyer’s chapbook is Smithy Of Our Longings: Poems From The Irish Diaspora (Belfast: Lapwing Publications, 2015). His poems have appeared in Cyphers, Orbis, Southword and The Stinging Fly, among other journals.  Born in Brooklyn, parents from Galway, currently in Connecticut, he will be living in Bangor in the north of Ireland in 2019.





Abbey Gormacan, East Galway

No signpost to these ruins
tucked away in the farmlands
where my father was born
and from where he departed.

A simple abbey founded
by a saint of no consequence,
in a grove once a backwater
of Celtic worship.

Wind and hail taunt us.
We search gravestones for clues
to the family past.

I am Cain’s lost child-
my psalm in the rustle
of the nearby holly tree.

© 2018 Tim Dwyer