Anne Mikusinski

Anne Mikusinski has been writing poetry and short stories since she was seven years old and most probably making them up long before she could hold a pen or pencil in her hand.

She finds inspiration in music and art, and sometimes, even little things that happen every day. Her influences range from Robert Frost and Dylan Thomas to David Byrne and Nick Cave, and she hopes one day, her work will inspire others in the same way these writers have been an inspiration to her.

Night Lights


I watch you reaching
For the elusive
And intangible
That fuels your work
And ignites your passion
And envy
How you
Capture it briefly
Then let it go
To light sparks


I am attracted
By your solace
And enamoured with
The passionate disarray of
Your presence
Even in a crowded room
Where you commune in private
With your demons.
Draw the curtain
Hold me close
And I will show you mine..

© 2018 Anne Mikusinski