Pauline Murphy

Pauline Murphy’s poetry has appeared in the Connacht Tribune, the Cúirt Journal,  Crannóg and Revival.  Her prose work has been longlisted for the Fish Flash Fiction Prize.  She recently completed a Masters in English at NUI Galway and has taught in the area of adult education for many years.





A Winter Baby

In October, I brought you home
to a place beside the ocean –
that’s all I know.

I knew you
As little as I do
the science of weather.

Rain and high winds
moved in
from the Atlantic,

battering our windows
day and night, and days
were more night than day anyway.

I cradled you,
felt the heat of your head
on my chest. Soothed

protest as best
I could, singing
of dappled horses,

while the ocean rode in
with the winds
from where storms begin.

All I knew
was how you
and I had to make it past winter

and into spring.
I longed for news
of daffodils.

Slowly, slowly,
we pushed through the dark,
and emerged whole and bright,

somehow. That’s how it is, Elizabeth.
That’s how it always is.

© 2018 Pauline Murphy