Bobbie Sparrow

Bobbie Sparrow is a poetry writing Psychotherapist. Her poems have been published in both national and international journals including Orbis, Crannog, Skylight 47 and The Honest Ulsterman. Bobbie was the Featured reader at the Over The Edge open Mic August 2017 and at the Far From event in Cuírt festival of literature 2018. Bobbie was awarded 3rd prize for her Chapbook in the Blue Nib Chap book competition 2018.





At the Cross Roads

a crow     a crow
a crow
fractured explosion of black
shot from the barrel of the sycamore
a thousand torn pages
inked with urgent words

I am a baby’s startle reflex
held in perpetuity    shocked
out of then    into now
face to the sky    feet to the ground

my heart is the green leaf
spidered with trails
but no passage
my body the dry branches
holding heavy nests

the rest of me    a dance away
from black winged escape



High in October’s pioneer winds, blue imbricated
red, a small orchestra of feathers, the swallow flies

alone, a speck of ash, one thousand miles
of land and lake, with woven intent

on arrival    beneath her, reeds climb into clouds
spun out yarn reeling through blue

I hear a fading trill but turn away
tired as I am of farewells

but in the dying light I see shadows
of all she left behind and my heart swells

needing only the next breath
and all the space in between

© 2018 Bobbie Sparrow