Elaine Reardon

Elaine is a poet, herbalist and educator. Her chapbook, The Heart is a Nursery For Hope, published in 2016 by Flutter Press, won top honors. Most recently Elaine’s poetry has been published by Three Drops from a Cauldron Journal, MA Poet of the Moment and UCLA Journal.  She most recently was heard reading at the Brattleboro Literary Festival, Great Falls Spoken Word Festival and the Garlic & Arts Festival.  Elaine lives tucked into the forest in Western Massachusetts and maintains a blog at elainereardon.wordpress.com





Meditation at Moss Brook

Is it wrong to avoid thinking,
listening to Moss Brook slosh over stones?
To notice the black crickets dart between
blades of dry grass and goldenrod,
time tellers of the changing season?

I wanted only to remember Jenny
as she sat on the largest rock midstream,
legs tucked, reading a book,
as Moss Brook rushed by.

Now I learn to meditate, to take
one breath at a time, to notice
my ribs rise and fall, to notice the air
fill me, leave, time and time again.

Some say the only moment is now,
all is illusory, breathe through pain.
There is some comfort in this
moment by moment, breath by breath.

© 2018 Elaine Reardon