George Ryan

G.B. Ryan was born in Ireland and graduated from University College Dublin.  He is a ghostwriter in New York City.  Elkhound published his WHO YOU NEED TO START A RIOT in May 2017.   His poems are nearly all about incidents that involve real people in real places and use little heightened language.


Lake Island

The local man rowed his boat
with two women visitors
to the island in the lake.

He showed them monastery
ruins and the simple graves.

One grave had a woman’s name,
less than a hundred years old,
wildflowers in a glass jar.

Did you put the flowers there?
one of the women inquired.

He nodded. I feel sorry
for her out here all alone
with only these monks. Sometimes
I cast my seed on the earth
beneath which she is lying.

Do you suppose she likes that?

What else can I do for her?

© 2018 George Ryan