Catherine Coundjeris

A former elementary school teacher, Catherine has also taught writing at Emerson College and ESL writing at Urban College in Boston.  Currently, she is living with her family in Frederick and is working on a YA novel. She volunteers as the ESL Coordinator with the Literacy Council of Frederick County and is very passionate about adult literacy.  She shares poetry with her students in her classes, revealing to them that reading poetry is a great key to attaining literacy.


The Day Star

Awash over the dried yellow stems,
and the aging greenish leaves
and the liquid air at our lips
and the bright orange patch of gourds,
and the smoking fires in every yard
and the kids parading home from the bus stop,
and the black cat hidden in the tall golden grass,
and the kitchen smelling full of roasting dinner
Is the Day Star:
red, red, red
so close to my head, head, head,
dripping warmth on my cheek.

© 2018 Catherine Coundjeris