Anne Bevan

Anne’s first collection of poetry, entitled Testament, will be published by Lapwing Press, Belfast, in July 2018.  Her poem ‘Another Rising’ is included in an anthology called Outbreak Of Peace, publishing by Arachne Press, London in November 2018.  Most recently she has been asked to contribute a poem to an anthology of poetry based on the artists Bosch and Bruegel.  Anne is working on her second novel while continuing to write poetry.  Two of her stories have been published in The Holly Bough and Irelands Own Annual.  She writes a series in monthly episodes on her blog,






On wet Saturdays we cleaned out
The hen house; the smell

Still lingers in those folds
Of blanket memory. Afterwards
We swept the large concrete yard.

I liked the sweeping, splashes
From the wet yard hitting our wellies

And above them to our trouser legs;
The dry clean patches inside the boots
Keeping us warm. The drain,

On the far side of the yard
To the farmhouse, was forever clogged

With leaves and feathers and all
Manner of things that blew
Down the sloping concrete, waiting

For a rainy day for us to sweep.
The heavier the rain, the more

I liked it, turning my face to greet
The drops, mouth open to catch
The freshness. A smack on the back

Of my head reminded me
That I was here to work.

© 2018 Anne Bevan