Noel King

Noel King was born and lives in Tralee, Co Kerry. His poetry collections are published by Salmon: Prophesying the Past, (2010), The Stern Wave (2013) and Sons (2015). He has edited more than fifty books of work by others (Doghouse Books, 2003 – 2013) and was poetry editor of Revival Literary Journal (Limerick Writers’ Centre) in 2012/13. A short story collection,The Key Signature & Other Stories was published by Liberties Press in 2017.

My Árd na Sidhe Home

Take me to my childhood of Árd na Sidhe,
the Caragh Lake haven of serenity.

Take me to the ring of the fort,
to play again but never get too near, for fear.

Take me to my room, the four-poster bed
from where each new morning will excite my blood.

Sated with my breakfast, I will stroll through cobweb-bejewelled
fern, wildflower and fauna, sit in a boat and paddle,

finding rhyme and rhythm to incite a rainbow.
Ashore again, I will dip my toes in the water’s renewal.

Let me lie on the grass, have a doze-over
to a serenade of Nature’s chorus

and until the sun fades on the duck-egg blue colours that oversee
this peacefulness, I will let my eyes laze on Heaven’s bonus.

In reverie by the lake, nothing will disturb my nocturne.
Take me there and never let me get away,
Árd na Sidhe, my haven, my home from home.


Derryquay Beach

I am capturing December light amongst warm hearts
of women in brash woollens that seep the winds
that dim the beach sounds, am told of my luck, living
here, made see new beauty in sands, rocks, mountain.

They are chattering, mutely, or is it
the wind snapping woman words!

I look at the cliff and another picture: me at three
here under Grandmother’s shaded eyes,
I peeped under a peaked cap
arms wrapped ‘round her dog, Snap.

© 2018 Noel King