Crossways #3, Autumn 2018




Noel King     My Ard na Sidhe Home

Noel King     Derryquay Beach

Aoife Reilly     Last Poem for You

Laura Potts     The Night Country

SE Street     Beyond Us

Laura Creedon     Where We Were

Anne Bevan     Chores

Robert Beveridge     Iris

Michael Morris     A Drink Before the Storm

Greachan Gallda     You Ask About Mermaids

DS Maolalai     Better At Night Than the Blood

DS Maolalai     An Old Fling

Jeffrey Barken     Reunion

Jeffrey Barken     Day Dream

John Maudlin     Dock Leaf

Kathy Gardiner     Untitled

Jean Tuomey     Solitaire

Douglas Cole     Siren Song

Catherine Coundjeris     The Day Star

George Ryan     Lake Island

Berni Dwan     Fat Man on a Bicycle

Elaine Reardon     Meditation at Moss Brook

Rose Mary Boehm     Somewhere, Moon Time

Bobbie Sparrow     At the Cross Roads

Bobbie Sparrow     Latitude


Short Fiction

David Butler     Looking-Glass

Joe Pickard     I Can See the Sea

Claire Loader     Athenry

KJ Hunter     The Butterfly Cage

Kevin Connelly     The Stolen Child

Julian Harrison     Up or Down

Robert D. Kirvel     Passion at Daybreak


Reviews and Criticism

Micheal McCann     On The Amazing Mr. Morality by Jacob M. Appel


Editor: David Jordan


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