Antoinette Rock

Antoinette lives in Cavan.  Her poems have appeared in Revival, The London Reader, Windows Authors & Artists Introduction Series No. 9, The Moth, North West Words, Poetry in Motion (N.I.), Boyne Berries, Lagan On-line, A New Ulster, Skylight 47, The Blue Nib and other contemporary publications. Her poetry has been commended in the Happenstance Poetry Competition 2017 and she was also commended in the Westport Poetry Prize 2017.







Her grandmother was convinced

her soup would heat your bones.

Pearl barley, swollen overnight

to become transparent.

Freshly dug carrots,

thin bright orange discs to crunch;

heavy globes of onion quartered,

plucked parsley from their allotment,

thin slices of Comber spuds.

A Belfast bap to dunk.


Net curtains that stuck to the

steamed up windows,

Black Diamond coalfire blazing

the pulley clothesline stretched,

sagging with damp shirts.

November traditions,

Like the names of the faithful departed

scraps wrapped in pink

ten-shilling notes

slipped into the Canon’s hand.

And I, a young one,

taking it all in, eager to consume


learned it nourished the soul.

© 2018 Antoinette Rock