Attracta Fahy

Attracta Fahy grew up on a farm. She had a close affinity with nature, animals and birds. Her background is in Nursing/Social Care. She works in private practice as an Integrative/ Humanistic Psychotherapist/Supervisor, as well as a group Facilitator/Trainer. She is lives in Galway, and completed her MA in Writing at NUIG in 2017. She is a mother, supporting three children through college. Attracta is presently participating in the OTE Poetry Workshop with Kevin Higgins. She always loved reading poetry, and recently began to enjoy writing her own, her passion is reading and writing about humanity, nature and soul.






When One Lives On Memories  

This is not how I’d planned it,
sitting alone, late afternoon,
nodding at thoughts,

the piano waiting
the comfort of blue

starlings ruminate,
build on my roof.

Violet, tender with light,
covers the window pane,
sunlight pours over walls,
while photographs hold still
moments captured in sapphire
shadow, blotched mirror,
clouding ghosts.

I have time never imagined,
no more youth, it has passed,
held now in the pause between
tick, and tock.

I hear crows –
it will rain.
On the street there is noise
cars scramble, voices
rush to be heard, pass
into distance.

Powder blue sky
steals over the rug, the mauve vase,

a rose lifts life to this hearth,
its beauty lulls thorns
that pierce,
scent steals stale from the air.

No this is not what I’d planned.
My shawl thrown over an ancient chair,
warmth without fire, the squares of my home,
the lines, and circles hold me to the world.

But there are cats crying somewhere
in hidden alleys.


© 2018 Attracta Fahy