Aislinn Joy

Aislinn Joy is a Lecturer in Medical Education at University College Cork, Ireland. She lives in Knockraha, County Cork, with her husband and four children. Her interest in writing poetry developed as a child, and she published a poem in the Cork Examiner at age 12, but only returned to it again in 2011. Since 2014, she has completed an online continuing education course in Oxford University on writing poetry, as well as poetry workshops in the Munster Literature Centre, Cork, with James Harpur, Matthew Sweeney and Leanne O’Sullivan. She is currently completing an online poetry workshop with Matthew Lippman.



My crafting of the hawthorn in the field,

As tractors purr like cats tailed by a plough,

Seems harsher than the mist that you did yield

From heartfelt pen that lingers even now.


And who was it you said held up that lamp?

Who picked you out for stoning in the square?

When all you did was warm the dreary damp

By sharing hidden stories full of flare.


Saved by a drink of water at the well,

The upturned earth, refreshed and all aligned,

Does glisten now with each toll of the bell

As mourners stroll through streets with you in mind.


West Kerry fuchsia ripens quicker still

To hear your singing voice with each new drill.


© 2018 Aislinn Joy