Miriam Craig

Miriam Craig writes poetry for adults and children. Her first poem to be published appeared in the February 2018 issue of Obsessed With Pipework. She also writes children’s fiction. Her first published work was The Golden Ticket created by tech start-up Wonderbly, of which Miriam was part of the writing team, and launched in September 2017. She lives in London.






This is a Note to Say

I looked for you.

Perhaps you left before I came:

an early bluebell

peeping up through snow.

Perhaps you’ll wake, and stretch

like Juliet in her tomb

just as the handle of my life

clicks closed.

This is a note to say

that through the whole hard

turning of life’s wheel

I looked, and never found you.

But there were days I crushed

soft lavender in my hands

and breathed its haze,

when, picking each jagged step

I climbed up waterfalls,

when, thinking of you

I reached my fingertips,

aching, to the world’s far walls.


© 2018 Miriam Craig